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Inogo’s Limpopo lodge was once again the destination of my safari in 2011. The VIP service which Walter arranged for us hisked us through the customs and gun registration in no time and we were on our way to the lodge in record time. Hunting was absolutely fantastic, our PH, driver, trackers, skinners, all worked as a cohesive team making sure that we enjoyed every moment spent in the field.

All animals taken on this safari madeSCI record book of animals, again a great testament to Walter’s game management policies and practices. The staff at the lodge did a fantastic job to make sure that our stay was memorable and comfortable. The chef surprised us with new mouth-watering dishes every evening and the stories exchanged at the fire-pit in the evening will stay with me forever. The rooms were clean, laundry done daily, WiFi connectivity at the lodge to keep us in constant contact with our loved ones back home, every thing really contributed to a worry free 9-days excursion spent in the Limpopo bush chasing some world-class trophies. One day Jo-anne made it possible for us to visit the predator park which was an amazing experience and added to all the fun we had over there. We had an absolutely fantastic time with Walter and his staff and they made us feel like part of the family. Plans for next trip are already in works and we cannot wait until we go back.