My son Chad and I flew from South Carolina to Africa with the goal of killing trophy animals with our bows and arrows. We only had 7 days, but because the Ingogo staff focuses on hunting success, we got it done. Marius Duvenage, our PH, willingly took us out early and stayed into the darkness each evening in areas reserved for archers where the animals will come in close. On the first day Chad killed a trophy level warthog and a rare and beautiful nyala.

 Then after two ways of careful waiting, I killed a magnificent impala with the dedicated coaching of Marius who selected the animal from the herd and choose the highest probability shot for me at 27 yards. The next day he protected us in a cave-hide from a crazed guinea hen that screamed its way into our midst, dispatching it quickly, before a determined falcon just outside could follow it into the enclosed space and injure us as it pursued the hen.

Our last goal was Chad’s zebra. After 3 days of intense foot-tracking and driving after “Zorba” as we called “him”, we could not get a shot within bow range. Switching to an Ingogo supplied Bruno .308 rifle, we continued through the morning of Saturday, our last hunting day. Sensing our disappointment at lunch, senior PH, Paul Herman volunteered to join our effort. With his organization and tactics it took less than two hours of coordinated efforts to flush a beautiful 2-3 year-old stallion into range. About 2:00 p.m. Chad killed him with a single shot, an unblemished, 750 lb. animal. Our hunt was complete. Our dream of a lifetime fulfilled. Chef Kenny’s food was delicious and the new friendships are unforgettable.