My first African safari with Ingogo in 2009 was an incredible experience resulting in 9 outstanding trophies. At the time, I felt it was a hunting experience that could not be topped. I was proven wrong when I returned in 2011.

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Inogo’s Limpopo lodge was once again the destination of my safari in 2011. The VIP service which Walter arranged for us hisked us through the customs and gun registration in no time and we were on our way to the lodge in record time. Hunting was absolutely fantastic, our PH, driver, trackers, skinners, all worked as a cohesive team making sure that we enjoyed every moment spent in the field.

I have been to Africa many times myself, and wanted to share the incredible experience with my Family. I decided on Ingogo Safaris and couldnt be happier with the results. My entire family had a blast. Everyone at Ingogo did a fantastic job, the lodge was first class and the hunting second to none.

Although this was my first safari, Ingogo Safaris surpassed my expectations of what an African Safari should be. The entire staff is thoughtful and courteous, The food is excellent, and the hunting is beyond compare.

Our trip to Ingogo was amazing. The staff was great in helping us plan all the sites to see such as Kruger Park, Cape town, and many more. It was mine and my daughter’s second trip to Ingogo, and my wife’s first.The food, accommodations, and service was perfect.