Why not combine the magnificent Victoria Falls with your safari to the Kruger Park?  These spectacular falls on the Zambezi river are deservedly one of Africa's top tourist attractions and well worth a visit. With unforgettable views, exciting day trips and a huge choice of activities, Vic Falls would be one of the most memorable destinations to include on your African safari.

We can put together a complete package for you with flights from Johannesburg included, and a choice of great accommodation options on the Zimbabwean or the Zambian side of the falls. Both sides are safe to visit. Apart from visiting the falls, activities in the region include game viewing by boat, sunset cruises on the Zambezi, regular game drives, elephant back safaris, walking with lions, micro light or helicopter flights over the falls, bungi jumping, abseiling, white water rafting, canoeing, gorge swing, zip line and high wire over the Zambezi gorge, and much more.

There is a wide range of hotels and lodges to choose from, to suit various budgets. Please tell us what your interests and requirements are, and we will put a competitive quote together for you. We recommend spending at least 2 or 3 nights at Victoria Falls to make it worth the cost of flying there. It is a two hour flight from Johannesburg.

Is Victoria Falls safe to visit?

Yes. In our experience, Victoria Falls is as safe as ever. As a destination Victoria Falls has always been shielded from the political and other problems facing the rest of Zimbabwe, so don't let negative reports about Zimbabwe stop you from visiting this beautiful place.

Various countries have recently lowered or removed their travel advisories for Zimbabwe, due to positive developments in recent months. This is great news for tourism to Zimbabwe, as we have always maintained that Victoria Falls on the Zimbabwean side is perfectly safe to visit.

The falls are as spectacular as ever, and the Zimbabwean side is certainly worth the view. During October and November, there is hardly any water on the Zambian side and we would strongly recommend that you visit the Zimbabwean side instead.
The Zimbabwean side of Victoria Falls offers great value at the moment, and there is no reason you should not consider visiting this beautiful area.

For expert advice and unbeatable rates, please contact us for a quote if you are planning to visit Victoria Falls.