Again we returned to Ingogo for a outstanding vacation. I hunted Cape Buffalo in the wild, and connected with a 42.5” herd bull, on the first day! Walter sent our group up to Victorial falls for a wonderful experience, while we located the biggest Wharthog on his place. Everyone had the best time of their lives, and many memories to take home.

My son Chad and I flew from South Carolina to Africa with the goal of killing trophy animals with our bows and arrows. We only had 7 days, but because the Ingogo staff focuses on hunting success, we got it done. Marius Duvenage, our PH, willingly took us out early and stayed into the darkness each evening in areas reserved for archers where the animals will come in close. On the first day Chad killed a trophy level warthog and a rare and beautiful nyala.

Walter has been the most accommodating Professional Hunter from the beginning throughout the entire hunt. Regardless of what we asked for, nothing was ever a problem, form hunt dates, length of hunt to dangerous game hunting. Walters response was always “No Problem”…. he always came through 100%.


It has been less than a week since I got back from my very first South African adventure.

I can’t begin to express my feelings about the wonderful time I spent at Ingogo Safaris. From top to bottom your operation is flawless. Jo-ann, the lodge staff, Chef Kenny, the trackers and skinners and especially PH Paul Herman were so accommodating and very professional. The tour of your taxidermy at Alldays was enlightening and enjoyable, and I thank you for that.

The 2011 safari season was yet one more testimony to Walters’s unmatched ability to surpass the previous year’s safari! My son and I were able to have not one safari adventure this year but two. After an awesome April-May hunt where I was able to harvest an elephant and buffalo. My son was able to harvest a croc and a lion. We both were able to take our rhino’s as well. All that said how could you top that??